• Client SynerGeo
  • Role Branding, Web Design & Development, Content Creation
  • Website

Unforgettable multi-sensory experiences

SynerGeo is an experiential marketing agency that offers a range of products and services for corporate, non-profit and celebratory events, and builds immersive spaces to showcase their clients’ brands.


Taking the next step in brand evolution

SynerGeo was established in 2015 with an exciting, new approach to marketing and event design. Their domed structures, art installations and lighting design embodied a unique combination of futuristic themes and natural, earthly forms. After a couple years of steady growth, SynerGeo decided it was time for a brand refresh that would accurately represent the firm’s new identity . That’s when West Loop Media took on the project to bring their brand to the next level.


A blend of natural and geometric forms

The primary inspiration for SynerGeo’s visual identity comes from the geodesic dome invented by R. Buckminster Fuller. This functional space is incorporated into nearly every SynerGeo event design and has become synonymous with the firm. The “SG” logomark draws from common geometric patterns found throughout their art installations and event decor, thus reinforcing the angular nature of the brand aesthetic.

SynerGeo Homepage


Otherworldly environments simulated online

To replicate the actual event experience, the website needed to possess a similar look and feel that was equally as hypnotic and visually stimulating. No two SynerGeo events are created the same and that’s the same approach we took with designing the website. The result is a fun, unique web experience that not only informs, but gives the user a realistic peek into the vibrant world of SynerGeo.

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